A Great Product Needs Great Copywriting

A great product needs a great sales copy. The objective of the sales copy is always to sell the product. And even if your product is the best that is out there in the market, it needs the RIGHT words to strike the RIGHT chords in the heart of your potential customer.

The two big questions you need to ask if you are attempting sales copywriting are: Who is my target audience? And: How do I strike the right chords to their heart so that they sing the same tune as me and believe that my product is the best one to buy?

These two questions should be the backbone of your sales copy. The rest, you may forget about for the time being. You have to lead your target audience on to the benefits of your product and give them some good and valid reasons regarding why they should buy it from you.

The first step in writing a successful sales copy is to identify your audience. Who would be the potential users of your product. Once you have done that, you have to find a way to lure them into your website. Look for the right keywords and litter them judiciously in your sales copy so that whatever search engine your potential customer is using, he or she gets to see your site at the top. You can use simple applications like ‘wordtracker’ or ‘overture suggestion’ to look for the right keywords related to your product. Weave these keywords throughout your website sales copy including title tags and meta tags. It would be easier for your potential customers to find you on the web that way.

Now that your audiences have found you, you have to get them hooked to your site … and that is where the lesson ends today. If you need more advice or assistance in getting the right copy for your product or your website then contact me. I will be more than happy to help. I can be reached at 208.598.0084 or matt.shifley@yahoo.com.


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