SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Copywriting

Can your copywriting be effective without the awareness of search engine optimization (SEO)? Sure it was probably possible in times of typewriters, but now submitting articles in online directories or to search engines without a proper density of keywords nowadays can ruin an article or a website page by not giving it opportunity to be noticed.

There are two factors on the basis of which your article or website page will be noticed or not. First, the content of it. If it is interesting, vivid, catchy and attractive, you will definitely get the readers your article deserves. Second, keywords which should appear in the title and the beginning of the first paragraph. But how often should the keywords should appear in the article? Once per paragraph or more, or maybe less. No matter what the answer is – one must be aware of SEO as it will bring some great benefits and popularity.

SEO copywriting is also especially popular among business owners nowadays who find it very beneficial for their link building campaigns. By writing great quality articles and submitting it to the top directories they gain backlinks. It makes the search engine rankings better for the given website which means that the company becomes more popular and has a higher probability that it will be noticed by its potential clients. Article marketing becomes the top marketing method now and online businessmen are fighting to get the best SEO copywriters for their website.

If you have additional questions about SEO copywriting and how important it is to helping your company receive more exposure online please contact me and I will be more than happy to help. I can be reached at 208.598.0084 or


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