What Do They Say About First Impressions?

You don’t get a second chance at making a first impression. Most likely, there are a lot of competitors selling the exact same product or services as your business. How can you convert potential clients into buyers? First impressions and understanding the consumer.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to categorize potential clients into three areas. The customer service potential client, the need potential client, and the best price potential client. The potential client that buys from who they like puts a huge emphasis on customer service and they will buy from a person and a business that they feel most comfortable with. Once you convert this person into a buyer, you have a great chance of retaining a lifelong customer.The potential client that buys a product or service from whoever has what they need is usually a one time customer, however, this potential client can be converted into a lifelong customer. The best price only potential client will continue to buy from you, as long as you have the lowest price. This customer is usually unhappy no matter what you do, always feeling that they didn’t really get the best price.

So, how can you put this information to work in regards to first impressions? First, you need to realize that potential clients who buy from people they like, make up the majority of your customer base. They usually form an opinion of you in the first few seconds of the meet and greet stage. If you’re not making a good connection during the meet and greet, you’re only left with price shoppers and people who have to have what you are selling. Basically, you’re losing a lot sales.

How do we go about making a good impression during the meet and greet? We need to make sure that we’re positive and upbeat, no matter what might be going on in our world. Smile, I don’t care if you’re using a phone for your communication method, the person on the other end can sense a smile. You also need to come off as a confident individual, that sounds like an expert.

Does what you wear matter?  If you are meeting potential clients in person, they see you before you ever open your mouth. Even if you are calling out to your potential clients, if you are lounging in your shorts, you probably sound like you’re at the beach. There is no such thing as being overdressed and you are only as good as you feel. Work on a proper introduction and if you are face-to-face with potential clients, you need to be making eye contact. In a business-to-consumer environment, if a female is involved, always introduce yourself to her first. Do not forget to introduce yourself to the whole party, even if they’re children. Please make a mental note of the names you obtain during the meet and greet and don’t forget them.

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