External Marketing Tips For Your Business

In order to develop a successful small business, you want to have a healthy balance between internal and external marketing efforts. Internal marketing is marketing that is directed at your current client base, and external marketing is directed at those that are not yet using your products or services.

External Marketing Tips

1) Volunteer
It is almost not considered a marketing tip since there are so many other rewards received besides growth in your business. You could easily put the idea of volunteering into a success category of its own, as there are many reasons why it’s good to get involved in supporting others.

2) Monthly Talk
Can you get out of your office and speak somewhere? You may need to get creative, depending on what kind of small business you’re in.

3) Local Network Meetings
Getting involved in local groups like the Chamber of Commerce can be beneficial.

4) Press Releases
If you’re in a non-metro area you may find some great rates are available in your local newspapers. Online opportunities are growing and you may want to consider Internet based services.

5) Bulk Mail
You can get a permit for bulk mailing and get lists of target data for businesses and persons in your community. If you don’t want to do large quantities of bulk mail, you can put together a list of businesses in your area that would be most likely to refer, and send them regular mailings.

6) Signage
Is there any place outside your business location that you can do advertising? Can you get affordable signage down the street? While billboards in a large metro area might be out of the question for a small business, there are opportunities to advertise on bus benches, phone booths, shopping carts, car washes, and neighboring buildings. Get out in your local community and take notes on the places you find are displaying small business advertising.

7) Bulletin Boards
These are boards you’ll find inside local coffee shops, laundromats, health clubs, neighborhood markets, and car washes. While I’m not recommending you be a board spammer, this is a free method to get your information out in the community. Bring plenty of your own thumbtacks and leave some extras behind for good business karma.

8) Certificates
Certificates are great for giving to local charities, local sporting events, fundraisers, and other local businesses. They are easy to make and there’s a number of ways you can use them to share good will in your community. Be sure to check local and state laws when it comes to certificates and expiration dates.

I help companies in Boise and beyond get the most out of their external marketing dollars.
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