Direct Marketing Letter Sample

Get What You Deserve – Introducing the Mortgage Plus Program Exclusively for Medical Professionals!!!!

Dear xxxxxxx,

“Our homes are places of refuge we can go to in tough times. Where we can be exactly who we are and feel loved anyway.”

We have a program dedicated to nurses that helps the American Dream of homeownership become a reality. You spend countless hours devoting yourself to caring for others; now let someone take care of you.

Today the opportunity to buy a home that meets your needs is better than ever for a skilled worker like a nurse. If you are ready to make a move, quality homes in good locations are being offered at the lowest prices in the past 10 years, and at great interest rates.

You can now purchase, refinance or obtain new construction financing with mortgage programs geared specifically for nurses. And, with so many different options available, we can tailor a program to fit your particular needs.

  • Fixed-rate terms from 10 to 30 years
  • Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) with 3, 5, 7 and 10 year fixed rates
  • Interest-only options
  • Stated income and no documentation programs
  • A unique cash flow program that provides 4 payment options
  • Up to 100% financing on many of our programs

And much, much more!

Advantages of Buying a Home …

Savings – The points used to obtain a mortgage, interest payments on mortgages, and property taxes are all tax deductible.

Creating wealth – History shows that owning a home is one of the very best financial investments.

Security – A home provides a stable a place to live and raise children without contending with the whims and rules of landlords.

Pride – Your investments in home improvements and maintenance benefit you, not a landlord.

Self-expression – You don’t have to get anyone’s approval to paint the walls red or put in flower boxes – your home reflects you.

Quality of life – The location of your home determines the neighbors, amenities, services, education and lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.

It’s Simple and Easy … 

In less than a few minutes, you could be on your way to securing real estate financing. Our experienced team of mortgage specialists will help find the mortgage that is right for you. And, you can do it all with a quick and simple phone call.

Call us today to learn about our mortgage plans and payment options geared exclusively for nurses.

Get pre-approved in minutes so you can shop for a home tomorrow with a pre-approval letter in hand.

Request a pre-screened realtor from us and start hunting for your dream home today.

Close on your new home, get the keys, move in, order some pizza, and kick off your shoes and celebrate!

Get What You Deserve … 

The pride of home ownership gives you and your family a sense of dignity, honor, stability, and security. Make an investment in your future and enjoy a part of the American Dream.

Best Regards,

Boise, ID

P.S. If you buy your home by April 15, you will receive an extra benefit from the U.S. Government! Contact us today to take advantage of this lucrative program and get into your dream home as soon as possible.



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