Commercial Real Estate Writing Sample

10 Reasons Why Brokers Choose to Work with Spectrus

1. Spectrus pays the highest referral fees in the investment real estate industry. Real estate professionals have received nearly $32 million from Spectrus since 2004. Spectrus pays a 2% referral fee on the gross sales price (debt plus equity), and all fees are delivered at close—quickly and fairly.

2. A renewable five-year referral fee agreement. Spectrus offers brokers one of the longest referral fee agreements in the investment real estate industry. As your clients continue to do business with Spectrus over a five-year period, you continue to receive referral fees—and you have the option to renew.

3. More listings. The single reason most investment real estate owners don’t sell is because they have nothing to go into. But with Spectrus, you can count on knowing there will always be a property available when they do sell. No more hours of research, running numbers, and making offer after offer in order to find the right property. With Spectrus, you can find it.

4. Properties located across the nation Spectrus has various property types spread across the nation. This means your clients can have the diversification they are looking for.

5. A user-friendly partner program. To motivate our partners to high levels of performance, Spectrus has created a business partner program designed to reward and recognize Spectrus’ top performing real estate professionals.

6. The opportunity to become an industry expert. Spectrus offers multiple educational resources, which provide brokers with the opportunity to become experts in the 1031 exchange and investment real estate industry.

7. An unmatched support infrastructure. Spectrus’ infrastructure is unmatched in the industry. With over 400 people working behind the scenes, including a dedicated Client Services team, you can rest assured that your clients are getting the quality they expect.

8. More options. It feels good when you can offer your clients more. With a wide range of investment real estate options, including opportunities from undeveloped land to income-producing properties for whole buyers, Spectrus’ offerings include:

Net Lease PLUS™ (income-producing properties offering set cash flow)

Land with Option

Construction and Development

Undeveloped/Raw Land (also available for part-ownership)
For each of these property types, professional property management services are available. In addition, your clients retain control of the significant decisions affecting the property.

9. Solid appreciation potential. Your clients receive 100% of the potential appreciation when their property is sold. Spectrus never takes a cut on the back-end.

10. A trusted company. Not only is Spectrus trusted, they’re respected. And their track record speaks for itself. Known for their performance, experience, and execution, Spectrus has:

Always paid the monthly contracted rental payment—always

Never had a capital call

Sold 10.9 million square feet of real estate

Sold 149 properties across 27 states, valued at more than $2 billion

Sold to more than 2,200 owners

Working with Spectrus you can be secure with the integrity that backs you up.


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