Direct Mail Postcard Sample

EmergeCore Postcards

CONCEPT: IT in house vs. I.T. in a Box. (Show a picture of some nerdy IT guys on one side and then on the side show the small, sleek IT-100)

HEADLINE: One of them has all of your basic IT needs covered and won’t need time off for a Star Trek convention.

EmergeCore Networks developed the IT-100 specifically to address the infrastructure technology needs of the small business customer. The IT-100 all-in-one IT solutions provide the support, services and functionality required for the small business owner.

Traditional Network

● Having one or more backup systems is cost prohibitive
● Set up and maintenance could require up to 3 qualified administrators
● System failure would come at a high cost in dollars and downtime
● Multiple third-party vendors means security issues
● Costs add up for training on multiple proprietary operating systems
● Potentially profitable development time is spent maintaining multiple platforms
● Equipment is proprietary so development cycles are long and expensive

EmergeCore Network

● Purchase a full business system for about the same price as a personal computer
● Simple enough that a non-technical staff member can configure network services in minutes
● System recovery is achieved in minutes saving downtime and dollars
● Heightened security and simplified management
● No certification training required
● Quick and easy upgrades
● Remote monitoring and access made simple

Contact information
EmergeCore Networks
Megan Bowen


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