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Dan Wiebold Ford Using A Bold Approach To Enhance The Car Dealership Experience

Google™-certified and Boise-based Seybold Scientific is providing social media strategy services to help elevate Idaho’s #1 Ford dealership to even higher levels

NAMPA, ID (October 20, 2009) – Dan Wiebold Ford, Idaho’s #1 Ford dealership, has chosen Seybold Scientific to spearhead the development of the company’s social media strategy to communicate more effectively with existing and potential customers.

By upgrading the traditional car dealership experience, Dan Wiebold Ford is proud to offer an additional opportunity to connect and interact with customers. Through the use of a new website – – and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, Dan Wiebold Ford will incorporate social media into the customer experience and show them “Quality is job 1.”

“This year Ford is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the car credited with literally changing the world, the Model T,” said Dan Wiebold Jr., president of the Nampa Ford dealership. “Our new social media strategy will by no means have the same impact, but we are always trying to harness a little bit of Henry Ford’s innovative spirit. By integrating social media we can provide our customers a quality product with top rate service in a new and inventive way.”

Social media venues like Facebook and Twitter, when used correctly, enhance customer relationships by creating multiple pre- and post-sale touch points. Connecting with the customer in this way has proven to elevate companies to new heights by bringing in new revenue, increasing loyalty and brand awareness, and providing the company with a common voice.

“The way we employ social media within organizations creates alignment throughout the company. From sales to service, every person will understand the impact social media has on their job and their company,” said George Seybold, president of Seybold Scientific. “Businesses like Dan Wiebold Ford see the big picture and know that social media creates a positive impact on the employees and ultimately a positive impact on their business.”

An additional reason Dan Wiebold Ford is at the forefront of change involving the car dealership experience is the 8 new models the Ford Motor Company has introduced that are geared towards the 18- to 40-year-old market. Dan Wiebold realized the way this demographic buys today is unlike any other group and their purchasing habits are influenced by social media and digital word-of-mouth marketing.

“This is the opportunity that social media created and Dan Wiebold Ford is embracing it,” said Seybold. “They understand there is a unique shift in the way companies engage their customers. They understand that by connecting with their customers in the way they want and expect that they will be more aligned with their automotive needs.

For additional information, please contact George Seybold at 208.272.9492 or

About Dan Wiebold Ford
Located in Nampa, Dan Wiebold Ford is Idaho’s #1 Ford dealership. The dealership offers new and used vehicles and has been in business for more than 33 years.

About Seybold Scientific
Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Seybold Scientific is a Google-certified online digital business development company offering a range of services from Online Reputation and Brand Management, Online Business Development (including search and social media strategy and delivery) and Work Systems and Process Improvement. Seybold Scientific is a rapidly growing company enabling organizations globally through technology and sales-centric marketing.




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